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ballet west at capitol theatreThis 2023 to 2024 season, the prestigious ballet organization Ballet West brings a series of grand performances to the Capitol Theatre! The prime entertainment destination in Salt Lake City will be home to Ballet West’s many showcases, from the remarkably spooky but brilliant Halloween-themed presentation Dracula to the powerful tale of The Firebird to the highly-coveted and timeless Willam Christensen’s The Nutcracker! But wait, there’s more! Ballet West will bring enchanting showcases this spring with the ethereal Swan Lake, the romantic Beauty and the Beast, and the moody and passionate Love and War! Yes, Ballet West has a fully packed year, and they’re set to show the audiences world-class talent, incredible variations, and captivating choreographies! Led by the illustrious artistic director Adam Sklute, Ballet West is set to light up the Capital Theatre brighter than ever before! Hurry and secure tickets now to Salt Lake City’s top ballet showcases for 2023 to 2024 through the Get Tickets link!

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Who doesn’t love world-class performances? Ballet West is at the forefront of top-tier ballet showcases in Salt Lake City. The organization has put together a highly talented ensemble, all ready to entertain culture and art lovers in Utah. The 2023-2024 season alone is packed with outstanding performances that are guaranteed to enhance and captivate your hearts and minds! Audiences can look forward to tremendously coveted showcases. Ballet West is guaranteed to pull out all the stops – from a brilliant creative team led by artistic director Adam Sklute to esteemed and immensely talented principal dancers, as well as soul-serenading music! You must experience these fantastic ballet shows for yourself or have deep regret for missing out!

For seasons 2023 to 2024, Ballet West has a full calendar of remarkable performances. This fall, Ballet West will go in a very horror-rific direction with the groundbreaking production of Dracula. From October 20 to 28, Ballet West will deliver their rendition of Ben Stevenson’s Dracula. It’s truly a spectacle that is powerful, dramatic, mysterious, and brilliant, all at the same time. Check out the dark but charming Dracula as he hungers for blood! Featuring the music of Franz Liszt, Dracula is guaranteed to be a crowd favorite! Choreography by the esteemed Ben Stevenson, Dracula brings in an awe-inspiring creative team that includes music arranged by John Lanchbury, scenic designer Thomas Boyd, and costume designer Judanna Lynn. Meanwhile, the light design consists of the brilliant designer Tony Tucci, who will adapt the original designs by Tim Hunter. Lastly, Jim French will take a crucial role as Lighting recreator – completing the visual experience of Dracula.

“Dracula is sinister and formidable as he flies across the stage and through the air.” – Deseret News.

“Ben Stevenson’s Dracula is a spectacle of an order ballet audiences seldom see today!” – New York Times.

Another fall presentation is Firebird, a three-show spectacle comprising The Firebird, Stars and Stripes, and Fever Dream. Ballet West will be celebrating its 60th anniversary with an original presentation by Ballet West founder Willam Christensen. Based on the folktale about a magical flaming bird, The Firebird epitomizes a wistful dream and joyful expressions. The showcase, which premiered in 1965 in Salt Lake City, will feature the outstanding score by Igor Stravinsky. Audiences can also revel in the world-premier of Fever Dream, a masterpiece by long-term company artist Joshua Whitehead. The show is guaranteed to transport audiences into a dream-like world. Finally, George Balanchine’s Stars and Stripes will show ballet enthusiasts a remarkable presentation with the impressive music of John Philip Sousa, known as “The American March King.”

“George Balanchine’s Stars and Stripes has all the pomp and circumstance of inaugural parades and Fourth of July Fireworks!” – The Washington Post.

“Classical ballet at its best!” – Broadway World.

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A ballet season will not be complete without the beautiful Christmas tradition, The Nutcracker! Except this is not just any Nutcracker performance! It’s the original American production of the Nutcracker! In 1944, the Russian ballet The Nutcracker had its first U.S. showcase in San Francisco, choreographed by the legendary Willam Christensen. Since then, Christensen has found his home in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is now the signature show of Ballet West. Utah governor Spencer J. Cox calls Ballet West’s The Nutcracker a “national treasure.” The annual showcase has been the prime ballet gem for tourists and locals alike. So, if you want to experience this historic and brilliantly performed show, you should hurry and check out The Nutcracker happening at the Capitol Theatre from December 8th to December 27th, 2023!

“One of the best Nutcrackers I‘ve ever seen!” – The New York Times.

“Fresher than ever. A holiday must-see!” – The Salt Lake Tribune.

Speaking of traditions, another timeless ballet spectacle is Swan Lake. The classical ballet masterpiece has been retold many times, and countless ballet companies have performed their renditions of the fantasy epic. But Ballet West’s version is set to be an unprecedented and remarkable must-see! Ballet West’s dancers are sure to showcase their incredible talent in this coveted performance choreographed by Ballet West artistic director Adam Sklute! Catch Swan Lake at the Capitol Theatre from February 9th to February 17th, 2024!

“Visually and artistically stunning!” – The Utah Review

“Ballet West’s Swan Lake soars!” – Salt Lake Magazine

If you’re up for a little romance, the fairytale of Beauty and the Beast is given a brilliant rendition by Ballet West. This brief but must-see presentation, which runs from March 29th to 30th, 2024, will feature the choreography by Pamela Robinson Harris and Peggy Dolkas. Meanwhile, the music will be a fantastic aural experience thanks to masterpieces by Alexander Glazunov and Nikolai Tcherepnin. This showcase, designed to be enjoyed by viewers of all ages, will feature the amazing talents of Ballet West Academy students! 

“A family-friendly, unique experience!” – Front Row Reviewers.

“Stunning stage sets and elegant costumes!” – Salt Lake Magazine.

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Singer James Blake’s music will take center stage in the truly one-of-a-kind presentation titled Love and War. The performance by contemporary choreographer William Forsythe will demonstrate Ballet West’s versatility and athleticism. The three-show performance features Blake Works I, Red Angles, and The Green Table. Catch this fantastic showcase at the Capitol Theatre from April 12th to April 20th, 2024! 

As Ballet West takes over the Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre, attendees can look forward to a breathtaking aural and visual experience. Upon walking into the impressive venue, the guests will immediately be greeted by a wonderful and luxurious ambiance. Since 1913, the venue has hosted Utah’s most exciting shows, from opera to ballet, concerts, and many more. Today, it is home to Ballet West, as well as the Utah Opera. At Capitol Theatre, guests can expect the ultimate entertainment experience thanks to its excellent facilities, top-tier light and sound technology, great customer service, and accessibility.

Score tickets now to see Ballet West deliver its outstanding showcases at the Capitol Theatre! You’re guaranteed to have a great time as you enjoy the highest standards of entertainment! Tickets for seasons 2023 to 2024 are now available through the Get Tickets link!