Kenny Baron at Capitol Theatre

Kenny Baron Tickets

Capitol Theatre | Salt Lake City, Utah

The iconic Capitol Theatre has done it once again when they are now hosting Kenny Baron to perform their sensational Jazz live on their stage. This concert is set to open on Saturday 26th February 2022 and will feature the top songs that fans and critics alike love. Whether you are a long time lover of their hugely popular Blues albums or just a curious newcomer, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable night when you visit the Capitol Theatre for what may be the greatest Jazz performance in February 2022. If you want to witness this sensational performance, then be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday 26th February 2022 when Kenny Baron comes to Salt Lake City, Utah. Book your tickets here now.

When genuine jazz fans in the know have to name the most premier jazz destination in Salt Lake City and the surroundings, one place is never far from the conversation. Capitol Theatre is lauded across Utah for securing some of the most authentic and timeless jazz events in the area. The venue has a long history of securing world-class jazz entertainment, and this February the hosts will prove their flawless image once again. They will welcome the iconic Kenny Baron on their stage, who will work their magic to bring the patrons nothing but thrill and delight. And while they’re playing on each string of the guests’ souls, the visitors can also enjoy the rest of the perks that Capitol Theatre has to offer. As a start, thanks to the parking lots nearby the front doors the patrons won’t have to miss a second of the event looking for a spot to park. What’s more, the venue is located nearby some of the greatest attractions in town that serve equally well for an easy entertainment before or after the show. You’re one click away from a world-class journey in the world of jazz – make sure you don’t miss it!

Kenny Baron at Capitol Theatre

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