Ballet West: Swan Lake at Capitol Theatre

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Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre | Salt Lake City, Utah

Ballet West

You have the unique opportunity to go see the unsurpassed and iconic Ballet West: Swan Lake, live on stage winter, 2024 on the new US tour! Said to be greatest ballet around of this year! The Utah, Salt Lake City stop of the tour will show the gorgeous Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre on Sunday 11th February 2024, the perfect place for a night such as this, and in the middle of town, the greatest location to begin your evening in February. Attend with other harmonious ballet fans. To book entry to this stunning event, just press the 'get tickets' button when you scroll up.

Ballet fanatics everywhere could not believe their luck, a huge act is gracing the theatres once more...after all you hardly ever hear that your favourite performer is going to be playing in your local venue and it's actually happening! The acclaimed production, the one thats so famous, is on a nationwide tour for winter, 2024! The magnificent Ballet West: Swan Lake will be heading to Salt Lake City, Utah for an elegant evening of highly skilled ballet. Some of the ultimate dancers on stage, raw youthful skill performing an emotional and uplifting tale through movement live for all to see! The ultimate ballet production of the year will is on Sunday 11th February 2024, and will be hosted by the gorgeous Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre, Salt Lake City, Utah. The theatre has stunning reviews, the architecture is outstanding and the amenities are brilliant, it's also in the middle of the city so you're safe in the knowledge that you night will be tranquil. Bag your tickets today by simply clicking the button on this page, this second!

Ballet West at Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre

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